There are three reasons for planning this manual.
The 1st is the making public of correct Lung Ventilator informations. The positive pressure Lung Ventilator have got evaluation, and 40 years passed already. Today, an image in the past, "the implement to enact time of death", was wiped out. It injected a market one after another with new models which had several new revolutional artificial ventilatory modes. However, you can not assertion whether most clinicians sufficiently understand how Ventilators work in the software, in new revolutional ventilatory modes, but which they daily use. The causes are that 1)the structure and the control software were being complicated, 2)the developer of the Lung Ventilator are reluctant to open disclosure about informations on their technology, ,and on their software. 3) It isn't easy to understand for sales company, even for the sale technique personel, with introduction of the microprocessor goes that means it is complicated to explain "how they work" in the Lung Ventilator software.
The 2nd is, which might be a presuming way of speaking, but is a challenge to "the junk food type culture". The hamburger at MacDonald's is the perfection. While the employee is the division of the part-time job staff of the layman almost. Still, the quality and the taste of the hamburger maintain a standard above being constant. The secret of success seems to lie in compiling the process of the cooking completely in a manual. It is admirable with the way of conducting to be rational terribly and for the economic efficiency to be high. However, as for the one in the hamburger business, the fact should be pointed out, even if the staff is experienced about his/her work and improves technique of the cooking, he or she can not make meals that exceed the hambergers. The five star restaurant chef who is abundant of craftsmanship, who is supported by the wide knowledge and the technology which can never be formed in the division of the manual work, at least, does not do a junk food type work, but a five star chef work , that derive successifull intensive care work. And the doctor who does a respiratory-care in the intensive care unit should have feelings to put a meal in five star restaurant culture.
The 3rd is the idea that the book like "Car Graphic" and "Car and Driver" should exist in ventilatory business. We think, the pointing-out of the frank and free evaluation by the users , and user opinions, pointed faults which led by these car magazines have had an influence fairly on the side of developers, and on the place of the discussion to the ideal car image however. In the present situation around ventilatory business where a various models is sold from a various manufacturer, the situation is caused that you can get limited information on each product only from the manufacturer, not from users(that is to say)from clinicians. Will it be on the time when the clinical-evaluation of the users should be published ?
We wrote this manual based on these three ideas but it isn't possible to say that the mind of the authors could be fully shown. Only with in-use experience of the Lung Ventilator, we could not help suppressing evaluation, but it might still lack of responsibility. However, if it is possible to accomplish a role as the head start to evaluate free discussions about the Lung Ventilator, the authors would be happy.