The afterword
We made an effort to cover all LungVentilators (except the anesthetic machines) which you can buy worldwide in the present. Regrettably, the number of models which are sold in Japan decreased and this resulted in less volume of the book.. The reality which is passing away with ventiator industry itself exposed to the severe selection and even the noble family brand in the past existing about this reflects. It is possible to say the thing which is the same about the domestic ventilator manufacturer, and there is a manufacturer where the flaw disappeared with the opposition with the competition with the foreign countries. The model that Controlled Substance Acts were driven into the production stoppage of being severe and becoming by the background where the malpractice occurred frequently.
The ventilator for the adult and that for the newborn baby were to do singleton being fully, but with the improvement of the technology, the boundary is passing away and is a recent tendency . It brings the beneficence , this means that, you are able to apply all latest breathing modes which are developed for the adult management to the newborn baby. The volume limit by the pressure ventilation is the good example. At the time of the editing in the last time, PTV is the feel which is made still leading but average ready. Therefore, a lot of ordinary newborn baby machine are disappearing. Specifically, the HFO machine which has insufficient drive force is being selected but it seems that there is a peculiar existence value only in the HFO machine which has powerful drive force as the ventilator for the newborn baby.
Regrettably, as for breathing mode for the adult, there was not to do the improvement which is revolutionary as it suits the appearance of PAV. However, the flow of the fusing of the volume ventilation and the pressure ventilation which began in PRVC moves ahead, intertwines with AutoFlow, the ASV and Automode by the BIPAP system and this is becoming the standard mode of the mechanical Lung Ventilation. On the other hand, the unnatural way as it mixes volume ventilation and pressure ventilation by the temporal axes like classic SIMV and it makes them compromise is becoming an outdated ventilation mode slow and the SIMV prime is heading for the end.
We are planning that, this manual in the future should become combined form which proceed both the book form, or the web form and the collaboration should be done. These are not in the competition relation and have the conviction to develop cooperatively. In the currency of the information, the Internet excels but that the book has unique advantage is the fact which can not be denied. In the future, it operates a this manual, too, with the web and book double feature pillar. It prepared the following URL for the this manual. we are happy when you are able to utilize.
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