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O'NYX, O'NYX plus
1. The characteristic (Figure ; Outward appearance photograph of O'NIX)
The one of the low invasiveness which is represented by BiPAP which is the registered trademark of the Respironics Inc. As for the artificial respiration therapy, while there is a fault that the ventilation is precarious, the advantage of the ventilation law which doesn't depend on the artificial respiratory tract is evaluated and at present, it is attracting public attention as the indispensable therapy. In this field, O'NYX is the powerful rival product which comes from France. O' NYX is simple, O'NYX plus is the unique equipment to make associate with the national character to be equipped with unique breathing mode, but the concept of the mode is complicated and only the part is difficult, to be few.
2. The performance
The mode
O'NYX plus ; SV,SV+f mini, VS+f mini, ACPV, ACV
The maximal flow .150 LPM
The inspiratory-pressure .3-40 hPa
PEEP. .3-15 hPa
Breathing number of times .4-40 BPM
The trigger .0.4-3 hPa
Vti. .0-1,000 ml
Note ; SV is the meaning of the spontaneous-respiration mode in the abbreviation of Spontaneous Ventilation and the PS is the abbreviation of Pressure Support. In other words, the substance of SV, SV-PEEP-PS is PSV+PEEP. f As for mini, the spontaneous-respiration is the mechanism which can set the number of times of the most oligopnea even if it is not in PSV. ACPV means PCV by the abbreviation of Assist Controlled Pressure Ventilation. ACV is Assist/Control, PRVC of Siemens Servo-300 the purpose of which is synonymy and a similar mode in the abbreviation of Assist Controlled Ventilation. A ventilating-pressure is done in the self-regulation for the air quantity of ventilation to become constant in the range of the set value from PEEP+3‡pH2O. In other words, when the ventilating-pressure is unnecessary, because it operates to cut as much as possible, that the air quantity of ventilation becomes above the set value is impossible almost. On the other hand, Minimum insufflated Vt, too, is ACV and similarity and also is PRVC and VS and the similarity of Siemens Servo-300 but the point that the range where pressure is controlled is the range of set value + 10‡pH2O from the set value is a point of difference. In other words, it operates to be permissible by air quantity of ventilation's becoming above the set value and for the air quantity of ventilation to become above the least value. It is possible to add to both modes of ACPV and SV-PEEP-PS+f mini. SV-PEEP-PS+f When adding to mini, it is displayed with VS+f mini.
3. The outline of the mechanism (Figure ; Mechanism, figure of O'NIX ; The structure, figure of blower of O'NIX ; The O'NIX patient circuit)
Because the blower has a characteristic as the pressure generator, if making a blower a driving-source, the pressure ventilation type resuscitator can be built by the simple mechanism. In other words, if controlling the number of rotations of the motor which drives a blower, the occurring pressure can be controlled. (1) It opens and shuts the output of the blower in Solenoid-controlled valve V4 and V1 its under the control based on the information about pressure sensor P and on current velocity sensor D and it makes intake gas. (2) It creates PEEP pressure, too, by the synthesis of the compressor and S(leak restriction). (3) Exhalation-valve driving-pressure change valve V3 applies the pressure (PEEP) of compressor to V2, V5 in the expiratory-phase in the pressure of the blower in case of intake. (1) - The eclectic pressure ventilation mode becomes feasibility with the combination of (3). The output of the blower becomes intake gas in the inspiratory-phase but expiratory-phase however, it becomes the bias flow for the PEEP pressure not to change in the leak of the patient circuit. It supplies this gas to the patient circuit via the bypass B. It releases the gas pressure which is more than necessary from V2, V5 in the big worrying.
4. The operation (Figure ; Operating panel of O'NIX)
O' NYX sets a ventilating-pressure and PEEP, the basic item of equal "NO" with the direct control. It is time "WASU" to the case, pushing a control. For example, if operating the control of PEEP, the display switches over to the PEEP setting screen. The item (the mode and the trigger sensitivity, equal) except it sees and sets the display of the liquid crystal screen. The setting screen appears one after another when the menu key (displayed with £) means NEXT and pushes this key (The order of the mode setting screen, the Vt mini setting screen, the trigger sensitivity setting screen). VALID is fixed for to push this key by the validity, the adjective which means proper "WO". Like the trigger sensitivity setting screen, in the value setting, in the necessary scene, if pressing £, the value increases and if pressing £ and VALID at the same time, the value decreases. It presses VALID if the value becomes an appropriate value and it fixes it.
It does specific setting operation by the following procedure. First, with the control, it sets PEEP pressure, PSV pressure, an air changes per hour, End of I. End of I prescribes intake time in the time cycle mode like ACPV. The % value in the time which divided 60 seconds by the air changes per hour becomes intake time. In the SV mode, as for being general, non active is displayed and in the invalid state, there is not a meaning in the value setting but end-of-suction end recognition condition (terminal flow rate) in PSV, too, can be set if making active. Next, it pushes menu key (£) and in the setting screen, by the operation of the entering, £ and VALID, it chooses and it fixes a mode. Next, it sets sensitivity with the trigger sensitivity setting screen. In the last, it becomes a standard-screen and a setting item is displayed.
O' NYX plus however, basically, it is the same as O'NYX but the menu structure becomes complicated only for the feature. Because Vti, the trigger sensitivity, the alarm setting screen appear depending on the chosen mode, it sets these in order.
5. The maintenance
1) The dust filter washes taking in the week.
2) It makes a mask a week in the taking bed-bath.
3) A patient circuit is disposable and isn't re-sterilized.
6. The fault
It isn't possible to understand when the operation system is difficult, to be few and doesn't read a manual sufficiently.