Nellcor Puritan Bennett
Knight Star 330,Good Knight 425
1. The characteristic (Figure ; Kight Star 330 outward appearance photographs, Good Knight 425 outward appearance photographs)
Breathing prompting method of the low invasiveness which is represented by BiPAP had a purpose of the treatment of the sleep apnea syndrome at first, but after that, clinical application is expanded and is being expanded into the home artificial respiration therapy and the chronic-respiratory-failure and acute-respiratory-failure field. At present, it is established as the Bi-Level respiratory therapy and Bi-Level equipment is developed one after another from each Inc.. Each Inc. was peddling a peak rate of flow and a response before but recently, it shifts them to the dwarfing, the lightening, making a low power consumption. The equal to or less than 1,000-g model is common. It is equipped with the delay feature that gradually the pressure rises to the set value after falling into sleep, too. It has 2007 and it is Knight Star 330 ends, manufacturing and since then, 330 is Good Knight It becomes 425. Good Knight 425 is more lightened, being small.
2. The performance
Knight Star 330 Good Knight 425
The mode .CPAP I/E PAP A/C I/E PAP
IPAP. .3-30 H2O 3-25 cmH2O
EPAP. .3-20 H2O 3-20 cmH2O
The flow rate
Breathing number of times .3-30BPM
The I:E ratio .1:1.0-1:4.0
The delay 0-30 minutes
RAMP. .1, 2 or 3‡pH2O/the minute (Providing I/E PAP pressure for fixed organization RAMP "DOORI" after the delay ends The increased pressure speed which rises gradually to the fixed value)
The battery operation .DC12V,6A DC12V
The weight .1.21 Kg 780g
The power consumption AC100-240V,140W AC100-240V,40W
3. The outline of the mechanism
1) System block figure of structure ( figure ; Kight Star 330, resolution structural drawing of figure ; Kight Star 330 Figure ; Knight Star 335 pieces of new Mattick ; Knight Star ) of the combination of the blower of including beforehand by reference because 335 is the design to have pursued a performance as the generators such as the maximal flow and the response because 335 isn't sold at present. and the actuator was novel.
The new Mattick circuit is simple and consists of the blower, actuator (rotary actuator) and Fluothane Sir. Fresh air is included in the blower via silencer (Baffle) and the filter. A blower is driven by permanent-magnet synchronous motor [. The ability of the motor of KnightStar335 can generate a flow rate above 255LPM(at 45‡pH2O). The number of rotations of the motor is decided based on the setting of IPAP. There are two butterfly valves in the actuator and the same axis has these. Because one are set in the angle on the other by the turn of the axis to close when open, the I/E PAP pressure can be controlled with the rotation angle of the axis. The axial-angle degree does a servo control by the error information with set-pressure and measurement pressure and is revising it. Knight Star At 330, to dwarf, an actuator is omitted. It opens when pressure switch (pressure switch) becomes a difference normal pressure above 50‡pH2O, at the same time, the blower stops and the machine becomes Inop. condition. It measures a pressure difference in the both edges of the pilot tube and it measures a gas flow rate. In the setting of EPAP, in the case below 5‡pH2O, there are many rebreathings of CO2.
Nasal Mask
Purge Hole Flow(LPM)
at 3‡pH2O
Purge Hole Flow(LPM)
at 14‡pH2O
ADAM 14 24
Sullivan 26 51
SoftFit 22 45
Companion 20 39
In NightStar, I/E PAP and the mode to express are a mode of the ventilation of the similarity in usual PSV. The beginning of IPAP, EPAP sides with the beginning of intake and the expiration respectively. The trigger formula and the level are unclear. The trigger sensitivity can be controlled in 3 steps.
2) The default
The feature which is automatically set in IPAP or the EPAP pressure automatically when breathing of the patient can not be detected is called IPAP default, EPAP default respectively. It is automatically fixed with the IPAP or EPAP set-pressure if intake becomes able to be detected in 5 seconds of average expiration time addition or at the time of IPAP at the time of EPAP and the expiration becomes able to be detected during 5 seconds of average intake time addition. But, it is limited to the pressure of a maximum of 20 ‡pH2O. It returns to the original operation if recognizing intake again. It chooses which of the IPAP or EPAP default to use with the default of the Control Panel. Because this is the one to have assumed the condition of the blockade-able sleep apnea, when this doesn't suit, it uses A/C mode.
The setting I:E ratio, the ventilation is the mode to be done with the set-pressure. Setting breathing number of times is maintained if becoming below set breathing number of times. In this case, the display of CONTROL lights up. In other words, it is a mode of the ventilation of the similarity in usual PCV.
4) The monitor feature
It puts on Vt (the estimated taking air quantity of ventilation), Vpi (the estimated peak intake current velocity), LEAK (the estimated amount of leak in the mask), RR, I:E by the numeral display but there are a maximum of about 25% of errors in the assessed value. The taking air quantity of ventilation, the intake and expiration gas flow rate, the airway pressure can be output from the analog output.
4. Kight Star 330 of ; of figure of operation (figure ; Kight Star 330 operating panels) ( The effect of Esens : ) which the end-of-suction end condition changes to like the figure when changing Esens (Figure ; Kight Star 330 Effect of Rise Time : The standing-up time of the intake gas flow rate changes when changing Rise Time)
The operation is simple, and it presses a mode button repeatedly first and the desired mode makes be displayed. Next, it pushes a set button repeatedly and it chooses a setting item, and it pushes the £¥ button and it enters value. It adds oxygen to the patient circuit and the mask through the adapter. There is an oxygen flow rate below 15LPM. The correct oxygen concentration can not be set because the oxygen concentration is an amount of leak and an expired volume per minute and changes.
5. The alarm
The alarm of the power, the anaerosis, the equipment bad condition, "MASUKURI-KU" and so on is preparatory.
6. The maintenance
It washes the filter (Inlet Air Filter) of the air intake above the taking in the week. Circuit filter (Outlet Air Filter) exchanges taking in the moon at least. It exchanges a patient circuit appropriately.
The patient circuit connects like the figure. (Figure ; Kight Star Connection of 330 patient circuit)