BiPAP Harmoney S/T
1. The characteristic (Figure ; Outward appearance photograph of BiPAP Harmony S/T)
Harmoney S/T is the revised version of the BiPAP series, but the universal dual-current power becomes able to be used by it and an use as the resuscitator for the home, too, is expected. It became possible to do a Rhys time adjustment when comparing with conventional BiPAP S/T and to have been lightened is an improvement. A mode was simplified only with S/T. Because a blower driving motor was changed into the DC motor which is weaker than into the AC motor, the maximal flow rather decreased. The mode is only a pressure ventilation mode, S/T. The inner battery, too, isn't preparatory to lighten but can attach a battery of the outside of the special use with the option. If evaluating, being general, it chooses an example as the resuscitator for the home but the patient that the spontaneous-respiration is sound with the excellent trigger mechanism which depends on Auto-Trak Sensitivity and the early response time which is 20msec. can be provided comfortable convenience. It is the comfortable simplicity, cheapness, high response resuscitator to the patient who agreed with such a characteristic.
2. The performance
The mode .S/T
The taking air quantity of ventilation .N/A
The intake gas flow rate - LPM
Breathing number of times .4-30BPM
The intake time .0.5-3.0 sec.
EPAP. .4-15pH2O
IPAP. .4-30pH2O
The weight .2.6 Kg
The power consumption .AC100v 1.25A max. , DC 11-17v 5.5A max.
The battery operating time It doesn't have inside the inside.
About 3-4 hours of outside PC3100 About 6-8 hours of PC6100
3. The outline of the mechanism
It is the same as BiPAP S/T almost except what is using DC motor for the drive of the blower.
4. The operation (Figure ; Operating panel of BiPAP Harmony S/T)
It is possible to use if setting IPAP pressure and EPAP pressure. It prepares for the apnea and it sets the back-up number of times and intake time Ti. It controls Rhys time as occasion demands.
So as not for the patient to change carelessly in the back-up number of times and the intake time, to be general is covered with the cover. (Figure ; Figure which opened BiPAP Harmony S/T cover)
5. The monitor, the alarm
It is equipped with four alarms which are electric power disappearance, a supply pressure decline, a supply pressure rise, the miss of the patient circuit.
6. The maintenance
It does a feature check regularly. It charges in built-in battery every 3 months. It does maintenance regularly.
7. The fault
Seemingly, it is convenient but it is halfway to also serve as of NIPPV p and the thing for the home with one resuscitator, to be few. If being for the home, the sure alarm mechanism of having a battery is indispensable.