BiPAP Harmoney
1. The characteristic (Figure ; Outward appearance photograph of BiPAP Harmony)
BiPAP Harmoney is BiPAP. It is in the successor of Harmony S/T. It supports Bi-Flex and smart card and it is a difference. Bi-Flex is the function to improve the comfort of the patient, reducing the pressure to the second half of intake and the initial stage of the expiration.
2. The performance
The mode .CPAP,S,S/T
The taking air quantity of ventilation .N/A
The intake gas flow rate - LPM
Breathing number of times .0-30BPM
The intake time .0.5-3.0 sec.
EPAP. .4-25pH2O
IPAP. .4-30pH2O
CPAP. .4-25pH2O
The weight .1.8 Kg
The power consumption .AC100~240v,1.25A max. , DC 12v 3A max.
It doesn't have in battery operating time ......... A AC adapter is attached.
3. The outline of the mechanism
It is the same as the other BiPAP series approximately.
1) The estimation of the amount of leak
The way and the parabola algorithm to estimate from the average are applied to the leak revision feature. The average supposition seeks two reference marks from the average of the average of the amount of leak in IPAP and the amount of leak in EPAP. Because the amount of leak is proportional to the square of the pressure, if fixing the parabola which passes among two, it can estimate an amount of leak by the airway pressure.
2) The trigger sensitivity
It is the volume trigger formula of 6 ml.
3) The ending recognition condition of intake
shape signal and SET are used. (For details, it refers to explanation of clause of BiPAP Vision). The maximum IPAP time is 3 seconds. The feature which is called "HURO-RIBA-SARU", too, is used. It ends intake when a flow is rapidly increased by deviating from the average in IPAP.
4. The operation (Figure ; Operating panel of BiPAP Harmony)
1) The access level
There are a user mode and a health care worker mode for the patient. In the user mode, only Flex setting, the setting of Rhys time, the setting of pressure in case of lamp beginning, the setting of a LED backlight are displayed. In the health care worker mode, all the menu items are displayed and can set these.
2) The basic operation
It becomes a health care worker mode temporarily when pushing the right user button and the alarm sound deadening button for equal to or more than 2 seconds and continuing them. It pushes the right user button and the left user button and in order, it chooses a setting screen. It becomes the following setting screen when pushing the right button and it returns to the setting screen in front when pushing the button on the left. In the setting screen, the heating humidification button and the lamp button become a select-button above and below respectively. Using these buttons, in the value, it fluctuates and it chooses a mode. By setting an access level
3) The menu structure (Figure ; Operation menu structure of setting screen)
A setting screen is prepared in the following order. The mode, CPAP, IPAP, EPAP, breathing number of times, the intake time, Flex, the lamp time, the lamp beginning pressure, Rhys time, the anaerosis alarm, the patient circuit are a difference alarm, the reset of the treatment beginning meter, a LED backlight, an access level.
It is possible to use if setting IPAP pressure and EPAP pressure. It prepares for the apnea and it sets the back-up number of times and intake time Ti. It controls Rhys time as occasion demands.
So as not for the patient to change carelessly in the back-up number of times and the intake time, to be general is covered with the cover.
4) Bi-Flex (Figure ; Explanation of Bi-Flex)
Bi-Flex is the function to improve the comfort of the patient, reducing the pressure to the second half of intake and the initial stage of the expiration. It is possible to choose by level 1~3. The bigger the value is, the bigger the degree of the pressure relieving becomes.
5) The lamp (Figure ; Explanation of lamp)
The ventilating-pressure falls when pushing the lamp button, and the lamp takes time and gradually the pressure rises and is the feature which is made to be able to be comfortably fallen into sleep.
6) The smart card
It is possible to display by reading later in Windows PC from the card reader when attaching a smart card beforehand and capturing a patient dater with the passage of time beforehand. It is possible to make BiPAP Harmony read setting by inputting setting to the smart card oppositely beforehand, too.
5. The monitor, the alarm
It is equipped with the electric power disappearance, the pressure decline, the increased pressure, the miss, the anaerosis, the system error, the "NADONO" alarm of the patient circuit.
6. The maintenance
The filter of the air intake does a wash and an exchange regularly. It does a feature check regularly. It does maintenance regularly.
7. The fault
1) Because the menu structure is complicated, the operation which pushes a lot of button when setting first is necessary and is complicated.
2) A battery isn't had. but the light weight but the part